Nathan Walker



Published by Broken Sleep Books
2024, paperback, 48pp
ISBN 978-1-916938-04-5

“No survey of contemporary poetry can be complete without the work of Nathan Walker - their project of poetic embodiment feels entirely singular. In their search for “a language that embodies the events” , these are poems which speak towards their own definition of queerness- “to make possible” ”— Andrew McMillan

Skirting arranges poems in columns that provide multiple reading routes, giving the reader opportunities to make and create a series of ways to engage with and understand the text. This system of arranging and rearranging the poem is explored within the texts too, these poems circle around their subject without naming the events explored. The poems skirt around a figure, event and thoughts, trying to get close to a difficult subject without being able to fully articulate or fix it to the page. Skirting is many attempts at using language to describe and locate.

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Published by Uniformbooks
2017, paperback with flaps, 88pp
ISBN 978 1 910010 14 3

    “A powerful and energetic book, a tribute to art and poetry, dialect and nature” — Sarah Bodman 

The texts in Condensations are constructed by erasing material from pages of books and manuscripts from the Armitt library and archives and superimposing these partially erased pages. These slow-collage-word-terrains arrange language visually, and are to be read and performed.

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Action Score Generator

Published by If p then q Press
2015, paperback 624pp
ISBN 0957182767

The Action Score Generator is print version of Nathan Walker’s website of the same name that runs a JavaScript code. The code produces a text of six words in length for six seconds. Every six seconds the six word text is replaced by another six word text and so on and so, the six word texts disappear. The print version is a sixty-minute performance by a machine writing ten six second texts every minute using only six words at a time. They are ordered as they were produced and remain unedited.It also features an afterword by Mark Leahy

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Zines and Chapbooks

The Zine Symposium Zine

Edited by Charlene Clempson and Nathan Walker
Published by York St John University
2023, Riso paperback 54pp
ISBN 9781906604721

The Zine Symposium Zine brings zine makers and zine thinkers to understand the power the voice in zine making. Adapted from an in-person symposium that was thwarted by the COVID-19 pandemic, this zine re-frames those contributions in paperback form. 

Featuring the work of Teal Triggs, Lou Hazelwood, Yol, Nathan Walker, Black Lodge Press, Ellie Armstrong, Eva Spreacher, Katie Dowling, Joana Matias, Kayti Peschke, Jade Blood & Charlene Clempson. 

Queers Smoking

Self Published

2020-ongoing, 8pp

The queers of art and literature photographed with the ultimate symbol of sex and death, a fag! There are currently three zines each  featuring a different icon, Magurite Duras, Susan Sontag & John Waters. More to come.

Queer Anarchy

Self Published
2019, paperback, 24pp

A collection of citation that arrange ideas of anarchism and queerness with texts from Jamie Heckert, John Cage, Nova Ishtar Daggers-Drawn, Sara Ahmed, Jack Spicer, Jack Halberstam, Susan Song, Sandra Jeppesen, Mary Nardini & Vikky Storm. With an afterword by Nathan Walker.

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Tek Hod

Published by Dock Road Press
2016, paperback 18pp

Tek Hod is a longform assisted cut-up poem in two parts. Using Cumbrian dialect words and local language to arrange disturbing images of home life in rural towns.

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Anagram Newspaper Headlines

Self Published
2012 - 2018, paperback

These quickly made and cheaply available zines used the absurd headlines from UK tabloid newspapers as their starting point. Constructed as to redistribute, subvert and emphasise the peculiar language of the headline, each zine included new arrangments and permutations of what was once a headline. 

Nathan Walker

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