Nathan Walker

Action Poetry Performance

Sweal (2024)
5 hour performance
Queercall Festival, Folkestone, Kent, UK (23.5.24)
All photographs by Manuel Vason, except final photograph by Tiff Cryer

Low (Grey Door) (2022)
4 hour performance
Belfast International Festival of Performance Art
Video Stills, video by Zara Lyness

Room II (2022) 
Installation with performances
Vessel Gallery, York UK
Photographs by Dee Aitch

Room III (2022)
Installation with performance (2 hours)
Vessel Gallery, York UK
Photographs by Kelly Pickering

Soft (2021)
3 hour performance
INTERVAL 11, Essen, Germany
Photographs by Marita Bullmann

Faults (2019)
3 hour performance 
Presented as part of Convocation: On Expanded-Language Practices at the Research Pavilion of the 53rd Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy. Curated and hosted by Emma Cocker, Cordula Daus and Lena Séraphin in cooperation with Alex Arteaga
Photographs by Mike Elo

Low (White Stones) (2018)
3 hour performance
Presented at State of Move Festival, Helsinki, Finland. Curated by Tomasz Szrama, John Court, Eleni Tsitsirikou, & Henrik Lindqvist
Photographs by Antti Ahonen

Ambl (2017)
Performance for Camera
Made on location in Ambleside, Cumbria (and surrounding areas) as part of an artist residency at The Armitt Museum and Library - more information on this project can be found on the Condensations page

Scaw (2014)
8 hour performance
Presented as part of Experimentica14 at Chapter Arts Center, Cardiff, Wales
Photographs by Warren Orchard

Nape (2013)
6 hour performance
Presented as part of In Conversation, a digital residency and final sharing performance commissioned by Performance Space, London
Watch Video Excerpt
Photographs by Marco Berardi

Mean I (2014)
30min performance
Presented at Shady Dealings with Language at X Marks the Bökship / Matts Gallery, London. Curated by Roy Claire Potter: Unsettled By and Open To gestures toward research led arts practice and celebrates the emergent, unexpected and the unruly by inviting presentations from artist writers: Emma Bolland, Neil Chapman, Linda Stupart and Nathan Walker
Photographs by Benjamin Sebastian

Mean iii (2015)
30min performance
Presented at Drafting, at Baltic 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Photographs by Denys Blacker

Mean iv (2016)
30min performance
Presented at Flare, Gallery North, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Photographs by Denys Blacker

53 Sounds (2013)
45min performance
collaboration with Victoria Gray, Presented at Duo Days, at Catalyst Arts, Belfast
Photographs by Jordan Hutchinson

Bray (2012)
30min performance
Presented at PAErsche at Künstlerforum, Bonn, Germany
Photographs by Thomas Reul

Town (2011)
30min performance
Presented at XTC, Studio 1.1, London
Photographs by Victoria Gray

Now(t) (2011)
30min performance
Presented at Grace Exhibition Space, New York
Photographs by Victoria Gray

Spirit (2010)
30min performance
Presented at Oui Event #0, York
Photographs by Christopher Mollon

TATM (2011)
30min performance
Presented at Performance Space, London
Photographs by Victoria Gray

Virginia Woolf (2010)
30min performance
Presented at In the Flesh festival, Plymouth Arts Center
Photographs by Bean

Nowt (2010)
30min performance
Launch of RITE, Project Space Leeds
Photographs by Simon Zimmerman

Hard Poor & Dead (2009)
1 hour performance
Presented at Red Ape, at Plymouth Arts Center curated by Mark Greenwood
Photographs by Mark Greenwood

Paprika (2009) 
30min performance
Presented at Eulengasse Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
Photographs by Sofia Greff

Flag (2008)
10 min performance
Presented at MA Show, Dartington College of Arts

Nathan Walker

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