Nathan Walker


Clench (2020) 20 mins
HD Video, presented as part of Slant: Forms in Flux
[video on request]

Faults (2019) 3 hour performance
Venice, presented as part of the Research Pavillion

Low (White Stones) (2018) 3 hour performance
Helsinki, Presented as part of the State of Move Festival

Cope (2018) performance for camera
available to view online

Scaw (2015) performance for camera
published in Datableed Issue 2 

Scaw (2014) 8 hour performance
Cardiff, Presented as part of Experimentica14 Festival

Nape (2013) 6 hour performance
London, Presented at ]Performance Space[
Watch Video Excerpt

Mean I (2014)
Shady Dealings with Language, X Marks the Bokship / Matts Gallery, London

Mean iii (2015)
Drafting, at Baltic 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Mean iv (2016)
Flare, Gallery North, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Bray (2012)
PAErsche at Künstlerforum, Bonn, Germany

Town (2011)
XTC, Studio 1.1, London

Now(t) (2011)
Grace Exhibition Space, New York

Spirit (2010)
Oui Event #0, York

Virginia Woolf (2010)
In the Flesh, Plymouth Arts Center

Nowt (2010)
Launch of RITE, Project Space Leeds

Hard Poor & Dead (2009)
Red Ape / Plymouth Arts Center

Paprika (2009)
Eulengasse Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany