August 2019

Swollen Tarn

A Switherer on the mountain gracefully adjusts drifts, sexualise pissing onto dry stone wall and shakes. Tall convincers stride between bracken locating the scents of dew.

If such delicate organs as the eyes are to give true slinter. all optic systems and processes such as the brisk, or the nudest symptom, must be corrected off the path. Grafted in ancient space.

Lulls or myopathy, the poor devoutest inhibitors of the body, where the stolen stomach and other disabled organs are noises. Holding still petrifying, their camping forensics are weblike discomfort.

A patchouli man is a vertigo deterrent and a thyroid of the eye. If the glands have no blood, nerves have not been destroyed, then inconsistently nurture it. Call longingly. Swollen tarn dams.

Nathan Walker 2019
Published in The Queer Anthology of Wilderness, Pilot Press