Recording from live performance in Manchester as part of Poetry Emergency curated by Nia Davis and Joey Frances

Response to Derek Beaulieu Score

Vocal work generated in response to ‘BOTHBOTHBOTH’ open call by Stuart Chalmers & See Monsd using a visual text by Derek Beaulieu ‘Both Both’.

After Vaughan Williams

Vocal work created in reponse to Lou Hazelwoods ongoing project and abstract hand drawn score that links the landscape of Spurn Point on the East Yorkshire Coast and the work of Vaughan Williams. This vocal work was improvised in response to the non-linguistic score

MEAN (Stain / Burn)

Audio Recording from live performance at Words Work curated by Roy Claire Potter and Chris Stephenson and hosted at &Model Gallery, Leeds. 
This recording was published in Huellkurven Magazine Issue 4

Things in the Future Sometimes Garage

Self Published Cassette (2014) of text generated through assisted cut-up’s of durational writing exercises on anarchism and using lyrics from English folk songs.

Nowt Sneck Hey Bray

Vocal Collage made in collaboration with my dad, Tom Walker, in response to open call made by Sam Belinfante and Simon Lewandowski for The Palindrone Jukebox - audio works which were made and used in the exhibition of The Reversing Machine at the Tetley, Leeds 2014.

Kitchen Feet

Improvised Reading published in Huellkurven Issue 2