Nathan Walker



Open Collar (2020)
Published in Tripwire Issue 16, 4pp.

Back Hand (2019)
Published in Blackbox Manifold Issue 23, [video link]

Brooch Score (2019)
Published in Mantis Journal

Dark Navigation (2018)
Published in Datableed Issue 11

Condensations (2017) click for more information 
Published by Uniformbooks, 88pp ISBN 9781910010143

Styan (2017)
Published in Uniformannual by Uniformbooks

Lilies Under the Tongue (2017)
Unpublished, performed at Queering Ritual

Ridge (2017)
Published in Alterity Journal Issue One

Fells & Rake (2017)
Published in Gorse Issue 9

Flax (2017) 
for Poem Brut, Published in 3AM Magazine

Action Score Generator (2015)
Available online and Published in book form by If P then Q