MEAN III was performed at Drafting at Baltic39, Newcastle Upon Tyne in March 2015. This vocal performance explored the permutational development of the word 'please' where it mutated into 'police', 'believe' & 'leave'.

[Photographs by Helen Shaddock]

Drafting was an exploratory series of two-day performance events in the gallery space at Baltic 39.Organised by Mike Collier, Sandra Johnston and Curator Esen Kaya.

The aim of Drafting was to create an environment where consideration of the potential imbedded in the act of drawing as well as communication through drawing could encourage reflection on ideas such as:

  • how the body can be both receptive to and implicated in the sensorial handling of materials, marking time through ritualistic engagement.
  • how actions developed as drawings can often be understood as acts of territorialisation, involving issues of duration and the perceptible expenditure of energy
  • how the ritualised quality of an artist’s actions might be considered irrelevant as a performative strategy and replaced by methodologies that use wider cultural contexts as material for both drawing and performance.
  • how it might be possible to achieve ‘not performing’ – with all the slippage and inconsistency which that entails.

A limited edition, hand printed brochure, published by the University of Sunderland’s Foundation Press by students from Sunderland was available free of charge to members of the audience.

Artists and students included: Alastair MacLennan, Sandra Johnston, Victoria Gray, Denys Blacker, Sally Madge, Nathan Walker, Gillian Dyson, Lee Hassell, Ricky James, Debbie Guinnane, Helen Shaddock, Rene Mcbrearty, Markos Sotiriou, Izzy Kroese, Dionne Mombeyarara, Jamie Ellis Clark, Rachel Errington.