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The 'Action Score Generator' is an online writing machine that writes and re-writes an infinite series of performance event scores. The source texts collect together previously performed actions by artist Nathan Walker between 2006 – 2013. The scores are arranged into poetic, six-word-length instructions, aligning performance objects, tasks, verbs, and spaces that are reorganised endlessly by a JavaScript code. The ASG aligns itself with the short poetic texts of Fluxus Event Scores and with rhythms of computational data and visual poetry. This generator was also published in physical form as a book companion to the website. The Action Score Generator Book is published by if P then Q Press, Manchester. The book contains an Afterword by Mark Leahy entitled 'An Action Movie (for NW): Reading Time Code Action'.

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"Nathan Walker's new book is a splendid tome, 600 poems, a poem per page, each centred in upper case type. Each poem has six lines and the whole text is generated from a random JavaScript code that is featured on Walker's website...What I particularly like about this book - apart from its splendid materiality and bulk - is the fact that there's a lightness to the whole project, a sense of fun about the processes involved and an understanding that while such processes can pose interesting questions about the nature of production, it can be taken and enjoyed on a more immediate level...There's the potential here for a relation between text on the page, text on the screen and text in performance, which feels wonderfully active and stimulating, not something you could say about all 'avant-garde' projects these days." - Steve Spence in Stride Magazine April 2015

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