Alterity Journal Issue One

July 28th, 2017

Very pleased to have a new poem, 'Ridge', including in the first issue of Alterity Journal published by Corbel Stone Press. Alterity is an occasional journal, published by the Centre for Alterity Studies in limited edition print and unlimited digital formats. The journal aims to feature work from diverse fields of enquiry that focus on the other-than-human, with a particular emphasis on plant, animal and mineral alterity.

Ridge takes its visual appearance and language from the scape and land of the Cumbrian mountains and explores the idea of the mountain range speaking. In the literature of walking, the descriptions of routes and the stories of discovery and height, we find always a body attempting to move across, through, and over. In order to read Ridge we must do the same. In order to hear the landscape we must navigate a linguistic terrain.

Ridge 2017 extract

This first volume of the journal is structured around Finnish sociologist Salla Tuomivaara's essay, Empathy is part of our deepest nature, in which she makes an impassioned plea for a new, enlightened perspective on animal life: "Animals are an example of otherness living alongside us, an example that makes abuse possible and legitimises it." From this centre, different threads emerge, including a rawlings' writing on "witnessing the output of more-than-human writers", Sonia Levy's enigmatic whale-bone frottages, Daniel Hudon's poignant Brief Eulogies for Lost Species, Anders Hoff's organic generative artworks, Sasha Wilde's exploration of a "disembodied, boundaryless being", and Rebecca Clark's delicate drawings of oak leaves.

I am especially grateful to be amongst some remarkable folk including: Herbert Pföstl (AUT), a rawlings (ISL), Sonia Levy (FRA), Jennifer Spector (USA), Laura Harrington (GBR), Sasha Wilde (GBR), Cheri Smith (GBR), Daniel Hudon (CAN), Anders Hoff (NOR), Salla Tuomivaara (FIN), Kati Gausmann (GER), Rebecca Clark (USA), Chloe Proctor (GBR), Ningeokuluk Teevee (CAN). Download a PDF and distribute, or buy a copy.